Blue BioTech Shoalhaven was formed to advance aquatic biotechnology in the Shoalhaven and Australia. As a new collaboration between local industries and government to promote aquatic biotechnology growth in the region, the shared vision of the group has created a unique, dynamic and future facing industry with infrastructure and resources found nowhere else in the world.

A Natural Choice of Location

Just two hours drive south of Sydney and linked to all major transportation, the Shoalhaven has the natural and locational advantage to support a growing aquatic biotechnology industry.  With most of the 4374km2 of the region protected as National Park it has over 165km of pristine coastline.  The temperate climate is comfortable all year round with average summer temperatures of 16-28oC and 7-16oC during winter.

The Shoalhaven has a secure water supply managed by Shoalhaven Water.  Shoalhaven Water is also responsible for treating wastewater and can supply raw, potable or reclaimed water to industries in the Shoalhaven.  Blue BioTech Shoalhaven encourages investment in the aquatic biotechnology sector and in the use of the resources that occur naturally in the Shoalhaven to help drive economic growth in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Capability & Collaboration at Your Fingertips

Our members include business leaders in growing, harvesting and processing aquatic resources as well as others that can add value to your supply chain including specialists in the formulation of natural flavour enhancers, pharmaceuticals and specialty ingredients all adhering to the highest quality standards.

Other areas of opportunity include prototyping capability, existing production infrastructure as well as leveraging the leading research expertise in applied phycology and biotechnology.

Smarter, Cleaner Business Opportunities

Our members are leading the way in innovative aquatic biotechnology and work together locally in a cleaner, sustainable way.

The researchers at University of Wollongong's ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science have been investigating the benefits of aquatic biotechnology and the wide biomedical applications of seaweed extracts such as the use of algal gels in artificial tissue engineering.

Venus Shell Systems have developed PhycoLABTM, a proprietary production process that can deliver biomass consistency and quality required for processors seeking to deliver high value products including nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. 

Blue Harvest, an Australian specialist seafood sales and marketing agency have recently leased 50ha of aquaculture leases in Jervis Bay Marine Park from the NSW Department of Primary Industries for extensive aquaculture production (shellfish/algae).

Established World-class Resources

Many local processing businesses provide expertise and partnerships with both local and global enterprises each offering something unique to the Blue BioTech Shoalhaven membership.

Nowchem manufacture a range of chemical products and offer contract manufacturing with their laboratories and industrial chemists on site. They own and operate a 'Theracell' TGA approved manufacturing area, are GMP compliant as well as being ISO9001 accredited.

Essence Group are Australia's leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements and functional food products. Essence Group offer services including tableting, hard shell capsules, blending and packing to the health and nutraceutical industries.

Flavorjen supplies a unique range of natural flavours, applications technology, specialised ingredients and natural preservatives to the food and beverage industry.

Shoalhaven Health Co. is Australia’s first retail provider of nutritional and therapeutic supplements derived entirely from marine plants and processes using strict adherence to values of quality, purity and credibility.

Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries is a manufacturer of innovative high quality health products such as Mast Chew - an organic chewing gum with health benefits.

Welcome to Your New Opportunity

Blue BioTech Shoalhaven contains many innovative and dynamic members that deliver quality products, capability and services to the marketplace. This industry network was created to enable members to create opportunities in the marketplace that they couldn't access in isolation.

Cross-pollination and networking within the membership have already proved to deliver far more benefits compared to operating alone. The Shoalhaven is the place to be for aquatic biotechnology and Blue BioTech Shoalhaven welcomes other businesses to the group that can add to this growing market.